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Welcome to dealtechub, the leading provider of CRM and tech solutions for real estate in India. We are a company that aims to revolutionize the real estate market in I ndia by making realtors professional and modern. Our platform provides a community for realtors, as well as solutions to manage their clients and a profile system for Property Platforms, Data and Tech companies, Service Companies, and Product Companies operating in real estate domain.

At dealtechub, we believe in linking every aspect of the real estate industry, from technology to community to professional education.

We focus on CRM and tech solutions for real estate allows us to provide top-notch tools and services for realtors.

Our Value

We providing the best possible solutions for the real estate industry in India. We believe that by empowering realtors with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, we can help to bring about a revolution in this domain.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring about certified professionalism in the industry and to solve problems like scams, lack of knowledge, and financial intelligence. We strive to make this domain better through the power of technology, community, and professional education.

Why dealtechub

We offer a variety of tools and services to help realtors grow their business

Certified training programs

Our certified professional training programs provide realtors with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this competitive industry. We also offer guidance on how to grow their business and reach their full potential.

Our community

Our community platform allows realtors to share information, collaborate, and learn from each other. We believe that a strong community is essential for success in the real estate industry, and we are committed to fostering such a community.

Real estate industry
We understand that the real estate industry in India can be complex and challenging. We provide solutions for every aspect of the industry, from managing clients to growing your business to connecting with other professionals. Our platform is designed to help you succeed.
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Nirav Patel
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We are located all over the world.

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